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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  January 22, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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court's decision. the supreme court allowing president donald trump's transgender military ban to go into effect.the 5-4 decision was not based on the merits of the case but instead will allow the ban to go forward while the lower courts decide. the policy was first announced by the president via twitter in 2017.rep. vicky hartzler / -r- missouri: "we have people who cannot serve in the military with asthma and flat feet so why would we allow individuals to come in...who have these medical issues that can be very very costly."at the time, lgbtq activists protested."trans people serve!" the policy focuses on a condition known as gender dysphoria --which is a conflict between a person's assigned sex and the gender they identify with.most people diagnosed with the condition wouldn't be allowed to serve. do so according to the sex they were assigned at birth. staff sargant patricia king / transgender soldier:
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"implementing a ban again will not stop american from want to go serve their country and some of those american have to happen to be transgender." after the court announced its decision, the pentagon clarified its policy is not a ban on all transgender people and said they "treat all transgender persons with respect and dignity."in washington -- i'm camila bernal reporting. (ken) let's get a check of the weather around the bay area.... time now for the 4zone forecast... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: there was plenty of sunshine today with cool to mild temperatures. highs today were in the 50s and the low 60s. high pressure continues to send the storm track well to the north. on the satellite image you can see the high pressure system building over he west coast. offshore winds will blow bringing almost spring-like weather to the bay area thursday and friday. a few more clouds will move in this weekend but we should remain
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dry through the next 7 days. (pam) the stanley cup is finally in san jose ... at least for a little while. hockey's highest trophy is just visiting ... in town for all- star weekend. it was available for viewing this afternoon at the san jose mcenery next 7 days.through the remain dry through the next 7 days. (pam) (pam) the stanley cup is finally in san jose ... at least for a little while. hockey's highest trophy is
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just visiting ... in town for all- star weekend. it was available for viewing this afternoon at the san jose mcenery convention center. since their inception in 19- 91... the sharks have never won the cup. so, for die hard fans... this was a rare chance to get up close and personal . in fact.... fans waited for hours in line to see it. but they were split on whether or not they should √°touch√° it. (pam)all> (pam) this year's n-h-l all-star game begins saturday at 5pm at the s-a-p center. (pam) lots to talk about in the
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sports world tonight...(ken) mark carpenter joins us in the studio. each year, we're thinking just maybe it finally happens. but that's not the case. another year passes and barry bonds...does not get a call for the baseball hall of fame. for the 7th time, the giants great and some would say one of the best to ever play, denied a chance at the hall... landing on 59-percent of the ballots, a three percent jump from last year, but still 75-percent is needed to get in. of course this shows that writers are still hesitant to give the green light due to his history with performance enhancing drugs... there are only three chances left for the 7-time-mvp to get in. another player linked to ped's... roger clemens... also fell well short with 59- .5-percent of the vote as far as the other inductees are concerned, congratulations to legendary yankees closer mariano rivera... the sandman is the first player ever to be elected unanimously, getting votes from all 425-voting
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members. also making the class... two time cy young winner, the late roy halladay. the great mariner dh edgar martinez... and former oriole and yankee ace mike mussina now let's talk about some future hall of famers-- another warriors game means another chance for records to be set. what an outing from klay thompson last night against the lakers... just firing out of the gates... in only three quarters of work dropped 44-points... and started 10-of-10 from downtown, tying an nba record. he did all of this with only 3-dribbles... just a couple weeks ago he scored 43 with 4-dribbles thompson on his latest record performance. "never hit 10 threes in a row in a game. that was hard. i mean that's hard to do. i tohught i had 11 for a second, but that's basketball.""it was one of those nights. he's just been in a good groove lately and he got it going. his teammates were looking for him. we had 41 assists tonight. te ball was moving, and klay was just spectacular.
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another sidebar from last night is a rare mistake from steph curry. the team and fans left cringing at this play... late in the 3rd quarter, the mvp...all by himself on a fastbreak, looks like he's going for a dunk, but ends up slipping. just a miserable attempt. thankfully he was okay and walked away from the scene uninjured. "you think steph was lining up for a monster dunk? (laughter) have you seen steph's dunks? i thought it was going to be one of those layupos where he just pulls the rim down a little bit to make it seem like... he's done a lot of those over the years." "that will definitely be on "shaqtin' a fool", so now that he's alright, healthy, definitely give him a hard time. that was funny." finally tonight, more than 48 hours removed from the nfc title game, saints fans still can't get over what happened with that pass interference call against the rams. we all saw the play... 4th quarter...under two minutesss. a blatant p-i c one that would have given new orleans a first and goal. saints end up losing..
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and now some fans are expressing their frustration in a variety of ways, billboards around the city and in atlanta-- the site of the super bowl. also, a few have filed also, a few have filed lawsuits against the nfl...trying to get the game replayed, and the suits have cited the non-call has brought emotional distress and mental anguish. highly unlikely this gets overturned. coming up ... the sight of the wreckage alone would take your breath away... but good what to do, when they could not find a pulse on one of the northern california victims. (oncam) (oncam) a new report is out
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that ranks the safest cities across california and here in the bay area kron four's robfladeboe breaks it down for us. (downtown san jose)conducted by the national th study ranks cities based on both viololenent crime. y, followed by palos verde estates, imperial, truckee and sierra madre rounding out the top five. the findings are based on the fbi's uniform crime reporting tool along with the trade group's "internal population
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research."(full screen graphic) in the bay area, the study says the top ten safest cities are hillsborough,los altos, piedmont, foster city, mill valley, los gatos, healdsburg, clayton, moraga and belmont. left out ot the study are cities with fewer than 1o,000 people or cities that failed to submit crime reports to the f.b.i. the study purports to have been done to highlight the cities that have had the least amount of violent and non-violent crimes per capita. jose "...the study was paid for by the business of selling security alarms, a press release said it was done simply awareness to cities that are likely to have the most crime per capita..." in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news
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still ahead.. time for one of the brightest and best of san francisco's annual events ... the fun and festivities of the chinese new year celebrations..
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"we have to change. we are putting one hundred and ten million tons of manmade heat- trapping global warming pollution into the very thin shell of atmosphere surrounding our planet as if it's an open sewer."(ken) global warming on the agenda today at the world leaders' conference in davos, switzerland. former vice- president al gore's warning comes as a record number of americans say, they believe climate change is real.(pam) and scientists warn... the polar ice caps are melting at an accelerated rate ... which may be too late to reverse. our grant lodes is here to tell us about the new projections in climate change ... and a dramatic shift in public opinion. (grant) check this out ... 51 percent ... more than half of all americans ... now say they are
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extremely or very sure climate change is real,that's up from 37 percent in less than four years.the number of extreme non=believers hasn't changed much.but that seven percent apparently percent apparently includes the president of the united states. natas millions of easterners hunkered down in a blizzard this week, the president joked, "wouldn't be bad to have a little of that good old fashioned global warming right now!"about half of americans say no ... global warming is hurting the country, not in the future but right now... almost as many say they've experienced the effect of global warming first=hand... . "this looks like a war zone." just in the past year we've had mudslides in southern california.... unprecedented snow in south carolina.... record=breaking high tides in
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boston ... and a pair of devastating hurricanes nat florence and michael ranked as the world's most destructive natural catastrophes last year ... until they were topped by the butte fire.90% of the homes in every single neighborhood are gonebut even a visit to the ruined town of paradise had no effect on the president.did seeing this devastation change your mind on climate change?no, no. i have a strong opinion.and from greenland scientists say the ice=cap is shrinking faster than predicted ... the same trend was reported earlier in antarctica.a new report warns we may have reached the tipping point ... where reducing greenhouse emissions won't be enough to slow the escalating meltoff. (grant) bottom line... two out of three americans told the pollsters thet do believe global warming is affecting the country's weather, non=believers totalled only 14
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percent,pam and ken? a horrific scene in folsom. a head- on crash sends two people to the hospital...including one woman... who was thrown from her car. she was given emergency treatment... by two bystanders... who just happened to be trained in c-p- r... max resnik reports. jaie sacco"the engine compartment was completely like in the driver's seat. there was just debris everywhere, glass everywhere, paneling, just all over the place."just before the collision, the red car seen here in pieces.. passed jaie sacco.jaie sacco"saw the mazda overcorrect, lose control, slid into oncoming traffic. pretty bad collision."jaie -- an off-the-clock sacramento sheriffs deputy -- immediately pulled over and then ran to help.jaie sacco"i went to pull the driver door and looked inside and did not see anyone inside the mazda."the crash happened with such force.. the driver was thrown from her car. officer jennifer mccue"there was a female laying there. she looked like she was in very bad shape."jennifer mccue saw the result of that collision... an elk grove police officer, who like jaie, was in her street clothes.. ready to help.officer jennifer mccue"he goes 'i'm going to
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start cpr.' i couldn't find a pulse."jaie sacco"her and i kind of took control of the scene."jaie sacco"we just kind of just joined as a team."in their team work -- communication... fear that the woman would not survive her injuries.jaie sacco"i remember us having a conversation as i was doing cpr. i was like, 'i don't think she's going to make it and she was kind of agreeing she was like, "i don't have a pulse. she's in bad shape."but after a few minutes...officer jennifer mccue"she started kind of moving around and showing signs of life. so we were like oh my gosh."jaie sacco"she was breathing. we got a pulse out of her."officer jennifer mccue hold on. help is on the way. that woman would be rushed to the hospital... leaving jaie and jennifer a moment to get to know each other.two officers off the clock at the time... but never off duty. (pam) that was max resnik reporting. folsom police said, the woman in the crash is in serious condition... but is expected to survive. another person
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was hospitalized in the crash ... but we do not know their condition at this time. (pam) always colorful and a lot of fun.... the lunar new year begins on february 5-th. today san francisco mayor london breed, along with other city officials and members of the community .... kicked off the chinese new year fair on stockton street today. kron4's charles clifford was there. (ken) happening now ---
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starbucks and uber eats have launched a coffee delivery service that is available starting today. san francisco residents are some of the first in the country to try out the new service. in the coming weeks-- it will also be available in new york, boston, chicago, d-c, and l-a. starbucks started testing deliveries in miami last year... and say it saw a strong demand. the company says 95 percent of its menu is available for the delivery service. there is a booking fee of two dollars and 49 cents through the uber eats app. coming up at six... nearly ten- million dollars for an out of this world.. zero gravity.. hotel experience .. plans are underway.. we'll tell you what you will get for the big bucks.
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(pam) the european space agency is planning to mine for natural resources on the moon. it wants to begin mining for water and oxygen by the year 20-25. this week... the e-s-a announced a year - long contract with aerospace company ariane- group... to exsoil. the idea is to make it easier
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for humans to stay on the moon for extended periods of time. the project could also lead to the possibility of producing rocket fuel on the moon ... potentially sending expeditions farther into space. (ken) a tech start up based out of san mateo is working on what it is calling a luxury space hotel. "orion span" was founded by cal business school graduate frank bunger. his company is working on what it is calling "aurora station..." which they say will give guests the ability to see 16 sunrises a day... all while floating in zero gravity. it's expected to debut in 2021. the hotel's capacity is six people per trip, not including two crew members. the cost of a 12-day trip ... nine- point- five million dollars. orion span is also crowdfunding for investors. has raised a little over two- hundred thousand dollars. time now for a final look at
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weather with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: there was plenty of sunshine today with cool to mild temperatures. highs today were in the 50s and the low 60s. high pressure continues to send the storm track well to the north. on the satellite image you can see the high pressure system building over he west coast. offshore winds will blow bringing almost spring-like weather to the bay area thursday and friday. a few more clouds will move in this weekend but we should remain dry through the next 7 days. that wraps up kron4 news at that wraps up that wraps up kron4 news at 6.
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we'll see you tonight at 8.... on your bay area's local news station.
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shocking new video. just unearthed. tom brady, lasered during the big game. >> this one could distract a player from two miles away. then, what president trump is saying about the teen at the center of the lincoln memorial stand off. and the other encounter. were these young ladies hassled at the same gathering. >> i'm so tired already. and, startling revelation. did jayme's accused kidnapper hold a family christmas party while she was held captive in the basement. deborah: desperate federal workers selling personal items at pawnshops across the


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